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Engineering New Therapies.


The Promise of Tomorrow, A NanoTexas Radio Interview with Dr. Tamarkin
August 31, 2008
On Thursday, October 2, 2008, Dr. Tamarkin will be a featured speaker from 10:30-12:30 in the medicine and biology track at NanoTx08. His speech will focus on the recent Phase I CYT-6091 cancer patient trial in which the Company’s gold nanomedicine was used to deliver a potent, but toxic, anti-cancer therapeutic to solid tumors. Such tumor targeting is best accomplished by avoiding uptake by the immune system and by limiting the biodistribution of the drug to the tumor. CYT-6091 accomplishes this by binding the potent, but toxic molecule TNF to the surface of PEGylated colloidal gold nanoparticles. TNF’s toxicity is so severe that its clinical use is limited to isolated limb perfusion (ILP), where 1 mg of TNF followed by doxorubicin results in a 60-85% local response rate. In the completed CYT-6091 Phase I dose escalation clinical trial a similar dose of TNF was injected systemically. The treatment was well-tolerated, showing no dose limiting toxicity, and patient biopsies taken 24-hours after treatment showed gold nanoparticles in patient tumors. Multiple Phase II combination trials are planned. To hear Dr. Tamarkin’s radio address on the Science Network News relating to his presentation at Nanotx08, please click here.